997 Twin Turbo


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Turbo Systems

Stage 1


K&N Drop-in High Flow Air Filter
Don't be fooled by aftermarket air intake upgrades. Proto Tech believes, usually factory knows best and changes made around the mass air flow sensor are critical and changes are usually detrimental, not positive. Just drop in our air filter charger and go!
Approximately 30% Better Air Flow


Exhaust System
Proto Tech hand crafted all stainless exhaust not only looks great with its dual 3 1/2" tips and sounds and well as it performs, no droaning at cruise speeds. Keeps every day driving a pleasure!
Also available without CAT's (off-road use only)
Your mechanic will also like the Aeroquip Quik Disconnect V-Band clamps for ease of installation and adjustment

And, of course, the most important part... The D.M.E. As any super tuner knows with today's technology all the secrets are in the D.M.E. This time our competition will have to do their own homework.


Stage 2

Stage 2 is an evolution of stage 1, just add two of our upgraded variable geometry turbos coupled with our stainless headers and choice of two programs, you will have stepped up tp 561.95 HP @ the wheels on a four wheel dyno.

Stage 2 chip 93 octane fuel normal mode and sport mode. Stage 2 chip available for 103 octane fuel on sport mode.
As an alternative to expensive race fuel we recommend and sell Torco Race Fuel Concentrate, In our tests we found no drop in performance over race fuel, and at only $24.00 for 10 gallon mix it is a fraction of the cost!
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